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The Best Solutions for Best Carrier

  • TalentLagoon is part of Consulligent , a global languages services provider which supports global brands communicate with their audience in more than 100 languages.
  • We are a global company with group company offices in United States, United Kingdom and India.
  • TalentLagoon envisions itself as the human capital intelligence partner for its clients and is working to build sustainable capacity to solve mission critical talent needs for industry verticals.

The core values behind who we are and what we do


Client success is core to our DNA and we continually strive to be stakeholders in their success


We walk the talk, with all stakeholders, be externally with partners and clients or internally within the company. Integrity is vital to us.


We are proud of what we do. We want to build this company to stand the test of time , in a world which is ever evolving at an unprecedented rate and disruption.


TalentLagoon grows when we all learn and grow. We believe we are stakeholders in each others success and growth and that we achieve by being humble and being flexible to change.

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