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This legislation was a part of a broader movement to deal with wage stagnation as well as the rising cost of living. In the realm of financial policy, Helmer has been a vocal proponent of turning up the minimum wage. He sponsored House Bill 1559, that sought to boost the minimum wage in Virginia to 15 per hour. The Coalition is not considering making the Budget sustainable. At worst, they are willing to do a lot of damage that the damage doesn’t matter.

At best, they’re keen on managing expenditure so that we are the very same benefits for less money. We could well be facing the latter. How will you have them to arrive at an off peak occasion in a distant, inaccessible place? One approach is to go to them. Hold off-site, after hours gatherings with constituents on their turf. But Dan Helmer will go one step further: He’ll talk to groups which are small in the own living rooms of theirs, at their own dinner tables.

When you see the other half of your representative’s constituents, you come across at the representative’s office. But how about the other half of the district? The way, we can assure that our representatives hear from all constituents. Asked about the Affordable Care Act, Helmer said, My role is consistent with the Republicans’ in Congress, the administration, and the Supreme Court: the expenses is unconstitutional. however, I am definitely not going to get into a political controversy on that.

But in case you want to make a political point on this specific, it’s the Democrats that claimed it was unconstitutional and that’s an incredibly appropriate point. That’s a political decision and we shouldn’t be forced to enter into political debates. We confront growing troubles in feeding, housing and also schooling all those children, as well as supplying them with a good start in life. That’s one thing we cannot celebrate, but it’s not a little something which can be avoided.

Prosperity would mean we have to have a huge talk about how to support those who have lost their houses, or who don’t have food which is enough to place on the table. Prosperity signifies that lots of other people own a great deal more than they used to. Voted NO on eliminating block grants for schools with drug- or weapons-related crimes. Vote to pass a bill that would grant 10 billion to schools that are public over 5 years having a provision which often prohibits the application of federal funds for clubs that have incurred a number of discipline issues as a result of students possessing weapons or prescription drugs.

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